Bain Sealcoat is happy to announce that we are now equipped to install Thermo Plastic markings on pavement.  Mainly used on crosswalks, stop bars, directional arrows, in both parking lots & roadways.  The thermoplastic materials are heated to approx. 400 degrees F in either the premelter pot or the hand liner itself prior applying it to the pavement. Immediately after the thermoplastic material is applied, glass beads are applied by a beader which spread an even layer of glass beads over the top of the hot thermoplastic materials, which embeds the beads into the material before it hardens.  The beads make the markings reflective at night for good visibility. In warm climates such as our climate here in SW Florida, the thermoplastic markings will last 3-6 years, where as latex paint may last 1-2 years.